Product Providers


If you or your company fall into any of these categories, please talk with us, because we, or DECATXT may play a vital role in your next generation products or software:
• Manufacturers of smartphones, computers, tablets, GPS etc.
• Designer or developer of new tech products or software
• Designer or developer of tech product accessories
• Reseller or publisher of any of the previous


Call us if you or your company are seeking:
• New cutting-edge advantages for your customers
• Tools that make your products and software easier to use
• Products that keep you abreast or ahead of your competition
• Keyboards that are lighter and more portable than old models
• Products that open new options and new markets for you
• No cost ways of staying relevant in challenging markets
• Ways to differentiate your products in ‘me too’ markets


DECATXT is right for a variety of markets including but not limited to manufacturers as well as designers, software pros and new product developers serving groups such as:
• Business travelers
• Police and fire rescue
• Sports data management
• Handicapped, limited mobility
• Military communication options
• Commercial and industrial users
• Deaf, mute and vision impaired users
• Safer texting resource for recreational users
• Education markets for teachers and students
• Medical services and information management
• Computer games for on-line players, for promotions and for educational purposes